TK 3 Glove RH Black
TK 3 Glove RH Black

TK 3 Glove RH Black


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Product Description

Taking inspiration from military-style gloves, our TK 3 Player Glove features an exposed knuckle section. This isn’t just cosmetic, by using an exposed section, there’s no risk of fabric tearing and making the glove unusable. In addition, instead of the rigid plastic used on many gloves, we use a flex-shield that further helps dissipate impact. The exposed palm offers enhanced grip on the stick, whilst the extended finger and thumb sections offer greater protection.


The details:

- 3/4 fingered glove

- Lightweight load-spreading flex-plastic inserts

- Slimline foam padding for enhanced comfort and protection

- Tight-fitting glove to reduce bulk

- Open palm design for increased feel on the stick

- Wide wrist section for enhanced fit and comfort

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Hand: Left Hand / Right Hand Colour: Black

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