Hingly I Love Hockey Turquoise Pink

Hingly I Love Hockey Turquoise Pink


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Product Description

Hingly I Love Hockey Turquoise Pink - Hingly Fun socks are not only fun to look at but also offer excellent comfort by adding the unique Polycolon fiber in the footbed. Many athletes swear by this high-tech fibre.

Size Chart:

XS- UK 10-12.5 / EU 28-30
S - UK 12 -3 / EU 31 - 35
M - UK 3.5-6.5 / EU 36 - 40
L - UK 7-11 / EU 41-44


Hingly Funsock 'I ❤ Hockey Turquoise' from our 'I ❤ Hockey' selection. Turquoise sport sock with I love Hockey print.


Our Funsocks are not only amazing to look at, they also come with a foot that is made from the highly technical Polycolon® fiber. This unique and professional fiber keeps you dry when it's wet and warm when it's cold. Together with the excellent fit and durable quality Hingly offers one of the best socks on the market today, not just in looks!
82% Polyamide
12% Polycolon
6% Elastomer
Large: 7-9.5, Medium:  3.5-6.5
Small: 12.5-3.5, XSmall: 10.5-12
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