Hingly Stars Blue/Mint Socks

Hingly Stars Blue/Mint Socks


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Product Description

Hingly Fun socks are not only fun to look at but also offer excellent comfort by adding the unique Polycolon fiber in the footbed. Many athletes swear by this high-tech fibre.

  •     The POLYCOLON® fibres ensure excellent moisture wicking.
  •     The socks offer a great fit, even when using shin guards.
  •      Long life through the use of strong polyamide fibres
  •     Optimum thickness, ensures warmth and comfort.


82% Polyamide
12% Polycolon
6  % Elastomer


100% polypropylene Finest quality polypropylene yarn from Schoeller Austria. Polycolon® maintains your body’s performance and keeps you dry for longer, no matter how much you perspire, by wicking moisture away from your foot. It is very light and durable. It is hydrophobic material and dries very fast and does not absorb odour as with Polyester.


Wash at 30 degrees celcius. The Hingly socks are pre shrunk so they don't shrink after washing.  For optimal effect, wash the socks before using them the first time. That way all fabrication silicons are removed from the fiber and the Polycolon will work at its best.  The socks are quick drying. It is best to avoid tumbler drying.


Size Chart:


  • XS- UK 10-12.5 / EU 28-30
  • S -  UK 12 -3 / EU 31 - 35
  • M - UK 3.5-6.5 / EU 36 - 40
  • L - UK 7-11 / EU 41-44
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