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Choosing the Correct Weight

There are three key factors when considering the appropriate weight stick: strength, position and style, but essentially the final decision comes down to the individual's comfort and feel. The first question that you should always ask yourself when picking up a hockey stick and swinging it for the first time is:


Can I control the head throughout the swing?

Strength: The stronger you are the easier you will find it to control a heavier stick. If your stick is too heavy it might have a detrimental effect on your game. This is probably why more and more players are choosing Light and Super-Light hockey sticks.


Playing position

Individual positions on the pitch require slightly different skills and this may well influence your choice of stick weight. Defenders often need to make longer more powerful passes or clearances as well as stronger tackles. They therefore may consider a heavier stick to create more power in their strikes and prevent their stick being brushed aside in a tackle. Forwards often favour a lighter stick to allow closer ball control and manoeuvring in the D. Midfielders preferences may vary depending on their specific role or playing style. However, in the modern game, play is so fast and positions so fluid that weight choice becomes very individual. Remember that every stick is hand-made and weights and balance points can vary between two sticks of the same model.

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