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Stick Length

In many respects the overriding factor that should influence the length of stick you choose, is the player’s height, although by no means is this the only consideration. In junior players, choosing a stick of a suitable length is paramount in the development of skills and control. The basic guide is that the end of the stick should be between the hip and belly-button when the head of the stick is resting on the floor. The better the player, the longer the stick that they can cope with.

 However, the rough guide above fails to take into account strength. There is a strong argument that you should choose the longest stick you can comfortably control. A stronger and more skilful player may well want to take advantage of the longer reach or increased vision (due to more upright posture) that a longer stick might offer. With junior sticks, choosing the correct length of stick has slightly different implications, due to the fact that these sticks are carefully designed to maintain a good balance between shaft and head weight. The correct stick length should therefore also result in a suitable weighting.


Junior Lengths...

A lot of children play with sticks that are far too long, one of the main reasons is that it looks "cool" to play with a senior stick. However playing with the wrong size of stick will negatively affect the hitting performance due to the length and mass of the head not being in balance.

The main points are:

Does the stick feel comfortable?

Is it pressing into my tummy or am I having to bend too low and damage my back?

Can my hands control the head of the stick when I swing to hit the ball or is the head of the stick dominating my hands?



Player Height

Stick Length

Below 4 ft

30 inch

4ft - 4ft 7in

32 inch

4ft '7in - 5ft

34 inch

5ft - 5ft 4in

36 inch

5ft 4in - 6ft 2in

36.5 inch

6ft 2in - 6ft 5in

37.5 inch

Above 6ft 5in

38 inch


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